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BeCalmed Massage

massages that relax & unwind

Massage is the perfect way to relax and unwind and can help improve health and well being. At BeCalmed, we pride ourselves on giving the best treatment for your specific needs. We can bespoke any of our treatments for you and provide changing rooms, robes and a quiet relaxation area where you can relax after your treatment.

ESPA Aromatherapy Massage: 55 minutes – £48.00 40 minutes – £40.00 25 minutes – £32.00
A therapeutic full body massage using blends of essential oils personally selected for your individual needs. This head to toe treatment includes foot massage and head massage.

Sports & Fitness Massage: 55 minutes – £48.00 40 minutes £40.00 25 minutes – £32.00
Using specialised advanced massaged techniques, the body is massaged with Fitness Oil to soothe away aches and pains. Treatment can also include assisted stretching if required.

Get (Un) knotted!: Full Body Massage (55 mins) – £46.00, Back Massage (25 mins) – £28.50
This neuromuscular massage helps to break down lumpy adhesions and remove toxins. A great treatment to relieve back, neck and shoulder tension caused by occupation and bad posture.

Relaxation Massage: 45 minutes – £40.00 Back Massage 20 minutes – £25.00
A relaxing massage to relieve tense muscles, loosen stiff joints, increase blood and lymphatic drainage and strengthen the immune system as the body eliminates toxins more efficiently.

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage: Full Body £55.00 Back Treatment – £40.00
An ultra relaxing and stress relieving treatment using warm river stones as part of the massage. Stone massage therapy works on deep tissue to help bring relief to tired and sore muscles.

Advanced Back, Face & Scalp Massage with Hot Stones: £75.00
A powerful stress releasing treatment which includes a full facial, head massage and a deep cleansing back exfoliation followed by a hot stone back massage with essential oils restoring equilibrium to mind and body.

Holistic Total Body Care with Hot Stones: £80.00
This deeply relaxing treatment focuses on rebalancing and harmonising you. It includes skin brushing, body ex-foliation and a facial cleanse, followed by body massage with essential oils and hot stones.

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